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New & Notable

Mark Spivak

Iconic Spirits: A Dozen Beverages That Changed The World and Forged the Cocktail Culture. Forthcoming from Globe Pequot.

Mary Beth Temple

Curvy Girl Crochet. 30 patterns for plus-sized women. Taunton.

Genevieve Miller, editor

Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn. An anthology of patterns inspired by Edward Cullen, Dracula, Angel, and a host of others. Potter Craft, Lind & Co / Känguru (Sweden).

Peter Allison

Whatever You Do, Don't Run. From the dangerous animal that adopted him as a pet, to the tourists drunk on malaria pills, to the locals that dubbed him, the sexually frustrated elephant, true and hilarious stories of a Botswana Safari Guide. Globe Pequot (North America), Nicholas Brealey (UK, South Africa), Allen & Unwin (Australia), Mouria (Dutch), Mediapal (Japan), Kurimuri Oü (Estonian), Euromedia (Czechslovakia).

Recent Sales

Genevieve Miller

Once Upon a Knit. Knits inspired by fairy tales. Forthcoming from Potter Craft.

Henry Clark

What We Found in the Sofa (And how it saved the world). A novel about an underground coal seam fire, a zucchini-colored crayon, and an artificial intelligence disguised as a garage sale, for middle-grade readers, to Little, Brown Children's.